Monday, June 12, 2017


"Children are so receptive to a smile, that if a parent could make just one change in their parenting style, I would suggest smiling more often and offering hugs and affection."       Diana Loomans/Julia Goday

I love this quote.  Your children love a positive and happy parent. 

Having said that, I understand and completely relate to bad days and grumpy moods.  Sometimes we have just had it. But in those moments if you can just take a deep breath, smile and tell them you love them even though your are having a hard time, they will naturally be empathetic (as children are) and will try harder.  

Smile more in the good times also.  Let them see you be happy.  A smile says so much.  Think of a stranger.  When they smile , you smile back. If someone walks past you and doesn't smile, what thought goes through your mind?   

See what happens. 

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