Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Joy of Motherhood

As we celebrated Motherhood this week I am again reminded that ...
Motherhood is hard! I am not going to sugarcoat things and say that it is
always easy. There are hard frustrating days and weeks! I get it!

I gave a speech this week and I used this quote:

“Recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be
hard times and frustrating times, but amid the challenges, there will be
moments of joy and satisfaction.” M. Russell Ballard
Look for those moments.. it’s been a long day, nothing seems to be going
right, your house is a mess, your children are fighting, your boss is
demanding you finish a project now (insert your frustrating moments here)
and right then your 2 year old looks at you with those baby blue eyes and at
that moment you realize what you are doing and the important job being a

Enjoy the moment you are in, even with the struggles. Don’t look to the next
step...thinking it will be easier. Enjoy the newborn even as you get up in the
middle of the night, enjoy the young child even as they get up in the middle
of the night, enjoy the pre-teen even when they won’t go to bed until late,
enjoy the teenager even as you stay up late waiting for them to return safe
to their home, enjoy your adult children And by this time, you don’t sleep at
night anymore anyway.

Seriously, look for your moments. They WILL come, every day if you watch
for them. Cherish them, write them down, take a picture, do what you have
to do to store them in your memories. Trust me, as a mother and a
grandmother, those are the memories I remember... not the messy house or
the cranky boss!

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